Work Done During the first week.(19th-26th May)

So, this was the first week of coding. The plan of action of this week was to identify and finalize the pages that we would be creating and testing during the project. So, for the OpenMRS Lite Module to achieve its goal the page sizes should be such that they open fairly quickly on a 2G network. I found that the pages of the reference application were requesting data more than 500 KBs(some were around 800KBs) and that would take a lot of time to load on a 2G network. So those pages were selected and an appropriate workflow was designed for the selected pages. 

Pre GSoC preparations

I spent my past week reading about different technologies that would be needed in the project and OpenMRS module structure.I had a talk with my mentor and it was decided that our primary mode of communication would be  through IRC. We had decided to work upon the scope of the project in the first week, and during that period also identify the pages that we will be creating and testing. 

During this week I have also talked to several OpenMRS community members and sought their help in understanding different problems that I faced, and they have been very helpful in doing so. I plan to start coding in the next week.