GSoC Week 8

This week I continued with adding apps on the home page of the module and implementing their respective functionalities.  The apps have the same functionality as the ones in the coreapps module. The issue now is to decrease page size. These pages currently use a lot of javascript. They involve downloading large library files of JQuery. The options  I see now are to minify all other javascript files. However this would not reduce the page sizes a lot. 

The other thing I wanted to try out in the coming week is to try if it is possible to send compressed versions of these files (and whether or not it is a good option), as if it is, it would help in reducing the page size by almost 80%. 

In the next week, I also have to add functionality of registrationApp module in the Lite module itself as currently it uses registrationApp module for registering patient.

My latest commits can be found here

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