GSoC Week 5 (June 16th-June 22nd)

This week I started with configuration of some apps on the home page of the module. This is how the home page looks after the addition of some of the apps.



I am facing an error while trying to use Register Patient App and have sent a mail to the dev list regarding the same. Hopefully I would be able to solve the error early next week.The following is the screenshot of the style guide



The style guide that is currently being used in the module is the same as that of the reference application. I will be modifying it considerably to suit the needs of the module.I will also be adding more apps in the coming weeks to the home page.

Regarding next weeks tasks I have to chalk out some details with Jeremy Sir.

GSoC week 4

Reference Application makes use of an extra module-ReferenceMetadata to set required global properties and any necessary configurations that are required to make the application functional. So this week’s task was to imitate the same behaviour for the OpenMRS Lite module. So I had to make a decision of whether to use ReferenceMetadata module(that is to make OpenMRS Lite module depend on ReferenceMetadata or to have these properties declared and used in the Lite module itself). So for now I decided to make use of ReferenceMetadata as it is.  I made the required changes in the module activator for this purpose. I also made changes to authenticate the users data entered in the login page.



The home page 




Tasks to be accomplished in the next week

1. Configure different apps used in the reference application.

2. Make a video for the mid-term presentation.

Work done in the third week (2nd June-8th June)

 This week I continued with the creation of Login page for the module. The task at hand was to override the current Login page that is encountered in the Legacy OpenMRS and redirect the user to the new Login page. I created the login page and wrote the necessary controller for it by seeing how it was done for the reference application. I also created the Home page for the module.


This week also involved a lot of reading of the UI FrameWork module ( and AppFramework services (


I also made my first commit this week.


Challenges faced

The challenges I am currently facing are how to use data from different modules on which this module depends.



Second week (26th May-1st June)

This was the workflow designed for different users of OpenMRS.Image

So the next task for this week was to design the Login page by over-riding the current Login page of the legacy OpenMRS. I read different OpenMRS documentation for doing the required work. Unfortunately I could complete the Login page this week and hope to do so early next week.

Work Done During the first week.(19th-26th May)

So, this was the first week of coding. The plan of action of this week was to identify and finalize the pages that we would be creating and testing during the project. So, for the OpenMRS Lite Module to achieve its goal the page sizes should be such that they open fairly quickly on a 2G network. I found that the pages of the reference application were requesting data more than 500 KBs(some were around 800KBs) and that would take a lot of time to load on a 2G network. So those pages were selected and an appropriate workflow was designed for the selected pages. 

Pre GSoC preparations

I spent my past week reading about different technologies that would be needed in the project and OpenMRS module structure.I had a talk with my mentor and it was decided that our primary mode of communication would be  through IRC. We had decided to work upon the scope of the project in the first week, and during that period also identify the pages that we will be creating and testing. 

During this week I have also talked to several OpenMRS community members and sought their help in understanding different problems that I faced, and they have been very helpful in doing so. I plan to start coding in the next week.

GSoC14:OpenMRS Lite Module


I am a second year undergraduate student of Electronics and Communication Engineering at IIIT-Hyderabad. This summer I got selected for GSoC at OpenMRS and will be working on OpenMRS Lite Module which is basically a version of OpenMRS that can be easily accessed on mobile browser or on a laptop connected to a low bandwidth ISP.

I will be posting details about various stages of project here.

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